I want to create a neutral online space for writers to be able to host a profile & list their work.

There will be no adverts.

I want to celebrate your writing.

It will cost no money.

Everyone is welcome.

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All writers with a Neutral Spaces page have their work placed into a lucky dip. Use the button below to be taken to a random title by one of our writers.


A collaborative project.

One continuous stream of writing from the Neutral Spaces community. All contributions are anonymous. The stream is archived on Fridays.


A slowly developing blog built for the Neutral Spaces writers.

I was inspired by the generative and relaxed community that developed in the indie lit scene when blogspot was popular. Reading the old blogs & seeing writers bounce of each other seemed good. Felt like something we were missing in the new age of retweets and journal submissions.

I hope that a relaxed space to display your work is inspiring.

While I develop the blog, invites will be given out slowly. If you're interested, email me.


A DIY guide to teach you how to build a website starting from a simple template. By the end you'll have a fully customisable webpage, hosted for free, with zero ads.

Take back control.

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