Five poets

Curated by Tom Snarsky

It has been said that we are living in a golden age of poetry. I think we might be living in a platinum age — poets today are able to share their work more widely (and more quickly) than any poets in history before them. You can read amazing work without even navigating beyond this site, where on the blog poets like Mike Andrelczyk, Zoë Blair Schlagenhauf, Stefano Calligaro, and Kat Giordano (see below) — among others! — are posting wonderful new poems every day. There are countless new spaces popping up constantly in which readers can encounter the cream of the crop of contemporary poetry, and what follows is the very tiniest sampling thereof; I hope you enjoy these poems and enter your own particular conversation with these remarkable poets, their work, and the mission of sites like Neutral Spaces and the ones linked below — to bring poetry (freely) to anyone willing to give the time to read it.


by Bára Hladíková

All Strippers Go To Heaven (A Prayer Overheard)

by Prince Bush

We Could Get Drunk In This Field Because We're In A Field & We're In Love & What Else Would We Do?

by Nicholas Bon


by Kat Giordano

Two Poems

by Shy Watson

About Mixtapes

These mixtapes are a way for the Neutral Spaces community to read and share each others writing.

The idea is to go through the site and select 5 pieces from 5 authors.

For Neutral Spaces authors, these get collected and you are given a space to write about your mini-collection.

On the page, the curator and the 5 selected authors have their website linked, together with the 5 external links for the chosen work.

If you run a journal, I would love to spotlight your site with 5 pieces, you can use the introduction to let people know what you're trying to do with your site.

If you want to put together a mixtape, e-mail me.

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