I want to create a neutral online space for writers to be able to host a profile & list their work.

There will be no adverts.

I want to celebrate your writing.

It will cost no money.

Everyone is welcome.

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All writers with a Neutral Spaces page have their work placed into a lucky dip. Use the button below to be taken to a random title by one of our writers.


A new project.

I want to collect recordings of Neutral Spaces writers reading their work, or the work by writers they love and create a podcast from a collage of your voices. This project is only a concept at the moment.

Not everyone has access to recording equipment, so I'm hoping that we can work together to allow as many people to be included. The link below has a list of people who are happy to help you record your voice, organised by location.


A collaborative project.

One continuous stream of writing from the Neutral Spaces community. All contributions are anonymous. The stream is archived on Fridays.


A slowly developing blog built for the Neutral Spaces writers.

I was inspired by the generative and relaxed community that developed in the indie lit scene when blogspot was popular. Reading the old blogs & seeing writers bounce of each other seemed good. Felt like something we were missing in the new age of retweets and journal submissions.

I hope that a relaxed space to display your work is inspiring.

While I develop the blog, invites will be given out slowly. If you're interested, email me.


A DIY guide to teach you how to build a website starting from a simple template. By the end you'll have a fully customisable webpage, hosted for free, with zero ads.

Take back control.

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