Benjamin Davis


Benjamin Davis is a folklore addict and recovering fintech journalist living somewhere outside of America. He does words about made-up things and not so made-up things.


Lost in Isolation [Star 82 Review]
Forty Cents Worth of a Story [Star 82 Review]
The Fox and the Bear [Little Old Lady Comedy]
A Brief History of IKEA [The Drabble]
Invasion of Fundiks [Down in the Dirt Magazine]
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ORGASM [Muskeg]
Kids These Days [Defenestration]
The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, [Cease, Cows]
Mr. Sandman (P. 67), [Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue #27]
The Domovoi (P. 24), [Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue #28]
The Playlist at My Mother's Funeral (Audio) [If It's Not 1 Things Its Your Mother]
The Babushka Society (Audio), [She's In Russia]
Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Pandemic [Points in Case]
Are Cats the Dominant Life Form on Earth? [Slackjaw]
30 Job Interview Questions for the Indie Writer [Slackjaw]


That Time I Got Illegal Russian Butt Surgery, [Human Parts]
The Massage That Made Me Betray My Country, [Human Parts]
The Art of Staying Sober, [Human Parts]
The Art of Failing to Quit Smoking, [Human Parts]
That Time I Got My Eyeballs Lasered in South Korea, [Human Parts]
Yoga For Clumsy Idiots, [Human Parts]
'I'd Rather Be Here": And Expat Perspective from South Korea, [Elemental]
Exploring My Prostate One Eggplant at a Time, [Sexography]
How Russians Changed My Life, [Russia Beyond]
U.S. Russophobia Needs to Stop, [Russia Beyond]
'Fuck the Weather': This Is Why There Is No Small Talk in Russia, [Russia Beyond]
Pulp It Like Its Hot: The Blowjob Assistant [PULPMAG]

Longer Works

The King of FU (Novella) [Nada Blank Press]