Bud Smith


Bud Smith is the author of Teenager (Tyrant Books, 2019), Double Bird (Maudlin House, 2018), WORK (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2017), Dust Bunny City (Disorder Press, 2017), Calm Face (House of Vlad, 2016), among others. He works heavy construction building and destroying chemical plants, refineries, and generating stations. He’s on Twitter @bud_smith


• Teenager [Tyrant Books] (forthcoming)
Double Bird [Maudlin House]
Work [CCM]
Dust Bunny City [Disorder Press]
Calm Face [House of Vlad]
Tables Without Chairs #1 [House of Vlad],
  /w Brian Alan Ellis, Waylon Thornton

F250 [Piscataway House]
Everything Neon [Marginalia Publishing]
Or Something Like That [Unknown Press]
Tollbooth [Piscataway House]


Violets [The Paris Review]
Service [Wigleaf]
Gling Gling Gling [Joyland]
Tiger Blood [Hobart]
Agatha [PANK]
Double Bird [Wigleaf]
The Lost Girls [WhiskeyPaper]
• Jangle Bell [Funhouse]
Scanner, and Goblin [JUKED]
Wolves [Smokelong]
3 Kids [Wigleaf]
Birthday! [Spork]
Boss [Hobart]
Blue Blue Electric Blue [Big Lucks]
Day drinking [Hobart]
Roast Beast [Maudlin House]
No Reason [JUKED]
JANT [Monkeybicycle]
Everybody’s Darlin’ [Potluck]
Rabbit Driving Cellphone [Paper Darts]
Franklin [Funhouse]
A Letter From Your Secret Admirer [Talking Book]
When I touch Your Face [Leopardskin and Limes]
Blue Roses and Orange Stars [This Zine Will Change Your Life]
Some Monsters I’m Friends With [Autre]
Forks, Knives, Spoons [The Heavy Contortionists]
E-A-D-G-B-E [People Holding]
Junior In The Tunnels [SmokeLong Quarterly]
Calm Face [Drunk Monkeys]


Five Poems [Hobart]
Take a Penny, Leave a Penny [The Nervous Breakdown]
Rooting For You (and others) [Drunk in a Midnight Choir]
Pets Get Pets [Autre]
Rabbit Driving Cellphone [Paper Darts]
An Orange Cat Doesn’t Live Here [Reality Beach]
This Might Not Be the Place [Metatron]
Red Teeth / Do Ya Wanna Dance? [Hobart]
• Rachel In Her Swimsuit [No Tokens]
Where You Were Dead [The Nervous Breakdown]
Girl Gone Swimming [Autre]


The Year in Naps [Hazlitt]


Reviews of My Life on [Barrelhouse]

Good Luck [The Nervous Breakdown]

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