Neutral Spaces began as a way to help writers through creating & hosting an online portfolio for their work.

Everyone is welcome.

There are no adverts & we collect no data.

It will cost you nothing.

I want to celebrate your writing.

Create a Neutral Spaces page

I am currently taking a break from creating new Neutral Spaces pages.

Your Neutral Spaces page is a portfolio for your writing. It has space for a bio, links to your published work and your contact information.

To have your page made, use the Google Form to send me your page content.

After I receive the form, I will make your page and send you an email with your link. After you confirm you are happy with the page, your portfolio goes online.

My email is available if you have any questions about the process.

Feature your webpage

If you already have an external website & just want to be featured on the front page, please send me your name and URL via email or the Google Form.

Move your page to Neutral Spaces

If you have a external site hosted elsewhere and would like to move to Neutral Spaces, contact me with the current address of your website and an outline of what information you would like transferred.

Editing your Neutral Spaces page

If you ever want to edit the content on your portfolio, email me. This includes the addition or removal of work, changes to the bio or other contact information.

Removing your Neutral Spaces page

If you no longer want your Neutral Spaces page online, your page can be deleted via email request.