Two Sessions from What Is It? A Collaborative Experiment Adam Good, et al.

Adam Good

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Session 1

Time:../2009 20:39:37
Sources: Aesop Rock; "Cognition: Theory and Applications"

What Is It?
• a potential strategy for complex domains
• a conditional, whipped hierarchy
• the surface scaffolding of the trip
• a friend of prediction
• a number of fragments imagining a trail
• a basic representation of a step
• a continuous network model
• the limitation of outlines
• the likely interpretation of the explanation
• the nearest-neighbor rule applied to overlapping propositions
• an orienting task looked at from a step back
• a shattering variation on an integrated theme
• an instruction that exists only via analogy
• a real-world category, placed over a beat.

Session 2

Time:../2009 11:08:15
Sources: TV On The Radio's "Dear Science"; "On Intelligence"

What Is It?
• the known synapse, hardly seen
• a stored representation, elastic
• opened with sentiment and sent somewhere
• the perception of a silhouette
• an elegant association
• not my folded layers
• approaching a known interaction
• projected energy, holding every sound
• the audition of pattern-changing utterance
• many fingers working in parallel
• an algorithm of eyes and bones
• creating several lines of code, the words you spoke
• a closer variable
• something you can carry or reliably jump from

Adam Good lives in DC, where he works as a web strategist. In his spare thought-cycles, he thinks about the Database of Descriptions, object-oriented thought, quantum semantics, and the Realm of All Relations (the ROAR). You can watch some of his performance lectures here. You can reach him by email: “adam” AT “” Like weird diagrams? Check out his Flickr.