I'm going to have SEX with these people

Adam Robinson

Everyone seems really good

People are so beautiful man

Take for example this lady on the bus

Take everybody on the bus

Don't forget to take the driver for example

All so beautiful all these people with like their coats and foibles

Take everyone outside the bus walking a dog

Take their dogs they're nice people you know what I'm saying

If you're on the bus heading into the wrong neighborhood who's more scared you or the bee

I manufacture enemies because I'm so good natured in general I get scared

God is love said a t-shirt I used to wear believe that but dude your mama is seriously fat

This lady on the bus could pass for a man

She chewed half a cigarette in her mouth

Had jowls

She did knitting

From the back of the bus I loved this lady's what is it

The young pro aside her smell sat repulsed

I liked that

Good job everyone

Thanks a lot you people

Adam Robinson is the founder of Publishing Genius Press, a musician, and a writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a book of poems forthcoming from Narrow House Press called Adam Robison.