in the conflict of mechanical advantage i will fight for robosouthamerica

this is what it will be called in the future; robosouthamerica

everything else will be termed ‘immense future’

you will be in giant new york in front of your computer

between extreme mushroom clouds ill videophone you

you’ll watch my mouth grimace and my sweat evaporate

you’ll watch my face as humans scream and teardrops leave my eye socket

my eye will have a small mechanism that shoots a laser

my laser will dismantle acid rifles and your breathing will be in my ear

ill grimace more and i’ll stab a robot and you’ll scream a little

i’ll straddle the robot and stab the robot repeatedly and the robot will flail

i’ll melt the robot’s silver face with my laser eye

i am a 200 year-old android fighting death spheres with a laser eye and two soundwave devices

my soundwave technology feels like a supernova explosion at point blank range repeatedly for millions of years

my metal scream implodes objects

robots don’t scream; they flail wildly and seizure

a death lexicon

robot death smells like a blacksmith and my soundwave devices destroy hillside expanses of robot clones under ash rain

i’ll run and my acceleration will sound like successive explosions

i’ll leap into grey clouds

i’ll come down and create an intense shockwave that will create a massive crater

a seven mile-wide asteroid will impact causing tidal waves and volcanic supereruptions

robot faces will melt into robot bodies which will melt into a massive earth and this will happen repeatedly in stop motion

the nuclear winter will approach and lava will surge toward me and everyone and the planet will be engulfed in it

my breath will escape me

an activated robot will sprint with metal legs at 70 mph; it’s lead feet plummeting earth

i’ll perceive my last conscious moment in slow motion; rising as the robot meets me, my eyes looking at it’s body, my arm arcing, my knife in its neck

a chainsaw mechanism is cutting me

i drain its oil while it hacks me

Brandon Scott Gorrell has been published at, elimae, Pindeldyboz, Dicey Brown Magazine, 3:AM, and others. Read his e-book here. His poetry book 'during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present' will be published by Greying Ghost Press in 2009.