A prose poem about the porn sites in my Safari browser history folder


Normally I delete the porn in my Safari internet browser straight after I am finished looking at it.

I’m not sure why because nobody is going to use my laptop apart from me in the foreseeable future.

I think I am afraid that if I die in a freak accident my parents will look through my laptop and find all the porn in my Safari history and think badly of me.

I don’t believe that this fear is ‘irrational.’

If Heath Ledger’s family found porn in his Safari browser after his fatal freak accident, history would remember Heath Ledger as a ‘pervert.’

Heath Ledger used the ‘private browsing’ feature of the Safari browser which does not keep a record of your browsing history.

Heath Ledger was an intelligent man, he knew he needed to protect his ‘legacy’ and not go down in history as a ‘pervert.’

Heath Ledger liked Shay Laren and Felix Vicious because he thought they had psychological ‘complexity.’

Heath Ledger left comments on Pornotube.com under the username ‘bickle69.’

Pornotube ‘democratises’ pornography and Heath Ledger recognised this.

The commenting feature on Pornotube creates an organic feeling of ‘community’ on Pornotube that most other porn sites lack and Heath Ledger recognised this.

Most of the comments on Pornotube are very good and enhance the end user experience and Heath Ledger recognised this.

I sometimes wonder what people wish to achieve by registering on Pornotube and leaving comments.

I think that some of the commenters want the pornstars to read the comments and be impressed by the wordplay and fall in love with the commenters and marry them.

Heath Ledger thought the Pornotube user interface was 'considerably well designed.'

Conn Tomas O'Brien respects animals and is committed to humanitarian causes. Conn Tomas O'Brien lives in Australia. Conn Tomas O'Brien has been published at Robot Melon and Paperwall. Conn Tomas O'Brien is active on the internet.