Didi Menendez

Sir I don't have any bananas.
The dental hygienist stuck a needle into my gums.
Sir I am sorry about the bananas.
My tongue started to weigh me down.
Sir how about an orange?
We are having a sale on citrus today.
How about these nice peaches or plumb plums?
I asked the dental hygienist to change the station.
The weather channel was on.
There were surfers surfing during a tsunami alert.
Sir how about these nice tropical fruits instead?
Mangoes are on special.
Only a dollar for four.
They are delicious.
I love mangoes sir.
How about you try one of these mangoes instead?
Emeril was cooking something on the cooking channel.
He was cutting up vegetables.
He said he was going to leave the core in the cabbage in
so that it would not fall apart when he boiled it in the pot.
The dental hygienist sucked saliva out of my mouth.
Sir I'm sorry you will not have any bananas for your frosted flakes.
How about some strawberries?
Emeril took a knife and inserted it through corn beef.
The audience applauded and went oh….and ah…..
The dental hygienist excavated deeper into my gums
Water started to squirt into my right eye.
I stared at her from my left eye.
Sir I am sorry about the bananas.
How about this nice chicken?
Emeril was stirring horseradish sauce.
He was going to start on the cake next.
Chocolate-banana Boston cream pie.
I left the dentist office and stared at my mouth
from the rear view mirror of my jeep.
It was lopsided but still there.
Sir come back tomorrow for the bananas.

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