LassÖing c[a|R|aw]iBou et al

Derek White

2:1: the rising was on acCount of a dRain being cLogged—the dRain to the π-HOLE to the
rëALM from wHere i was born∃—the hole spAWNING the reoccurring dReam wHerein «i» [Sin
E. Appellido or S.E.A.] was under the imPRESSion crawDAD were going ∃Xtinct [see also Poste
Restante page 84] but i was finding eveN more than EVEr & the stream that begot a river was
now begetting a glacier calving back into the very river that was becoming a stunted headwater to
SEA | the «global warming» blamed for crawDAD's speciæl endearangeredment was now leading
to the very rising that would float this boat that wo[o|ul]d in tUrn save crawDAD from the bRink
of ∃Xtinction | i cleared the dRain with a plunging wet-VACuum & deferred to my dReam
jOURnal to make sense of the acCUMulation:

«[...] under the impression [...] 2 [conCRETE] pylons stood just downstream—the [REM]nants of an
old floodgate. The “extreme kayakers” stopped at the pylons, unsnapped their plastic skirts, shook out
their legs and got out. They set about wedging trees and rocks between the pylons. One found a stash
from an abandoned beaver lodge. When [i] blew the whistle on him the kayaker said, “blame the
beaver, [it was his IDea].”

[...] as they bridged the gap the stream started to rise. Us onlookers had to keep climbing higher
up the bank. If you measured sheer girth, it was now essentially a “RIVER.” [...] The water reached
the top of the fabricated beaver dam and gushed over. To tell the truth, I found this to be quite
exhilarating despite the gasps of disapproval from the gathering crowd of onlookers. The endangered
crawdad crossed my mind but I figured they would be safe beneath the water. [...] the kayakers
jumped back in, [disLOdGed the DAM &] fastened their skirts [...] and yelled “bonsai!”—surfing the
surge that tore through the dam purging every living thing in its wake.

I woke up to relieve myself, dis[ORIENT]ed at first because I wasn’t home—i was in a hotel room
in Florida with my father. According to his doctor, he was supposed to be dead. We were on the first
night of a weeklong father-son surfing trip. [The strange thing is] there was a crayfish in the toilet [in
reality]. I was conscious that I was conscious. [...] I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I woke my father up
to tell him [about the crawDAD in the TOILet]. “Still wetting the bed, are we?” was his response. He
got up and saw for himself. [...]

2:2: physical evidence had acCUMulated in the LINT TRAP that i had apPARENTly used in the
collage below the passage [to MAKE SENSE of the plumbing]:

2:3: by my own rëCOGnizance «i» became H.E. [a.k.a HOMeO ErectUS] & H.E. became me[me
& my father & all our ancestors be[fore & aft]] & now H.E. was aLive & aWake with no
crawDAD in sight but H.E. smelled the musky frankINcense of c[a|R|aw]iBou before H.E. saw
tHem | H.E. detected tHeir pitCHing & tHeir stamPEDing hooves before they eveN rounded the
horizon | patches of their fur & ANTlers dangled by thReads—jury-rigging the herd togæther |
this ragged lot of prey came from all DIREctions converging on me [the [perceived] predat[e|o]r]
when in fact H.E. was the shepHERD here at the ¶ole |

H.E. retreated back into the π-HOLE below the ice—a temporaL fix |

[ ... ]

2:4: jellyfish umbrellated beneath the auroral discharge |

[ ... ]

& when H.E. reSURfaced [at the risk of being clubbed for my immaCULate white fur] H.E.
redeFINed the [S|P|L]ace by completing the valence of the s- & p- ORBitals |

2:5: the letters acted on themselves to form words that in turn acted on the accumulated selves to
formulate compound sentences until the fully realized c[a|R|aw]iBou lifted into the sky forming a
on-the-page not unlike [e.g.] the laminar flow in: «the stream that begot a river now
begetting a glacier calving back into the very river that was becoming a stunted headwater to
» |

& tHere was no [discernible] resistance in CIRCé [my inEVEtable & perPETual partner in THE
END] |

consulting the Musk OX scapula H.E. ∃Xtrapolated Xmas EVE from the ICE FLOE [no
COINcidence it fell on winter SOLstice] |

& that's when they [my «HIDEous proGENiE»] figured H.E. would re-emerge & try to
[eS|C|r]ape just as the Musk OX scapula predicted—H.E. smelled OZone in the anima'L XING
followed by frankinCENSE & then lightNING struck father masT denaturing then reconstituting
mY moleCULes to a fixed ¶ole [N or S reguardrailless] |

2:6: with father masT as the oRIGin (0, 0) H.E. surveyed the corral—reconstructing the OX Hide
canopy bed from recycled parts | on the bedpost corners H.E. planted c[a|R|aw]iBou ANTlers &
whale ribs | none of the tEXTual blueprints were «wired up» yet [H.E. was still «off the grid» |
howEVEr the BARBer's columin had been set in mo[a|t|ion]—mutating- spiraling- spitting
VOXegranite seeds that fluoresced briefly then disintegrated into the s'Now ...

in this way { ARCtic Fox | Musk OX | Walr'us | Lemming | arcTIC Hære | W(0,0)LF | erMine |
woolVerine } abandoned their respective ∃Xhibits & were coRRa[i]lled whilst licking father
masT | Ptarmigan & Ravein flUe in thrU the chimney & scratched & pecked the seeds
SCATtering them in a wide ARC | NAR- Sperm- & LEOpard- whale punctured tHrough from the
sea beneath the ice & more & more anima'L kept coming & coming in waves but ρolår Bear was
notably absent & H.E. couldn't check her off on the arcHIVE inventory but nobody notices the
missing in the FINal LIST—only the words that SURvive |

Derek White is waiting for a flood.