sever my spinal cord while you tell yourself that you do not have an inner void

Gena Mohwish

when i become sane
i will do certain things
to signify my sanity

i will write literature all over my body
and let it sink into my skin
maybe i will not be poisoned by the ink

if i live i will extract the words whenever i feel alone
and have conversations with the text
so it will prevent me from taking a hammer and moving it back and forth quickly to my face

i can't formulate the proper words
to construct the proper sentences
to explain my feelings of inadequacy and loneliness and love
but luckily my brain matter will spill out of me
and folds of my brain will have every thought written on them
perfectly equipped to say the words that i cannot say

i will touch you
and the atoms and molecules of my fingers will blend in with the atoms and molecules of your body

i will write my secrets on a sheet of paper and eat it so the secrets can be internally absorbed
so when you get angry and stab me
you will find the secrets that i have been hiding

secret #1 written on the heart
secret #2 and #3 written on each lung
secret #4 written on the stomach
secret #5 written on the appendix
but you can dispose of that one
because it is unimportant

Gena Mohwish BIO.