Shop at Cosco and Follow My Path Into Darkness


Applebee's is the only place I live.
The moon gives me energy in the darkness.

I believe in the pentagram.
Like the Great White Owl, I look to death.
The blood of Mexico feeds me.

Only those in the pentagram know.
I look to the Great White Owl,
who foretells of extreme savings.

I shop judiciously at Costco.
I worship satan and the serpent.
The Great White Owl burrows into a man.

I feast on the meat of others.
I do drugs at the John Mayer concert.

I look to the moon, and I think
"Fuck God." I am a good man.
I stand naked in the pentagram.
I understand the advantages of consumer electronics.

There is a type of rat poison
that will slowly bleed you on the inside.
The Great White Owl knows of its power.

The Great White Owl knows of value and darkness.
Join me at the altar of Freedom.
There is a place in your soul for terror.

Gene Morgan is a twenty-seven year old Aries living in Houston, Texas. He has a wife and a son and he loves them both very much. His website is