Women in Bondage

Jason Jones

The Marquis De Sade whispers in my ear that we always hurt the ones we love.

Martha Stewart plucks the head of Sylvia Plath from the oven, places it on a plate with parsley garnish, and sets it on the dining room table before Jack the Ripper, who nods in appreciation.

In Heaven's loveliest bedroom, during the daily orgy, Romeo whispers sweet nothings in another woman's ear, as he slips the skirt from Juliet's waist. "He a no good dog!" her friends tell her, "Least Henry Millah 'mits he like to fuck!

Jason Jones is a writer from Philadelphia, currently working on Barcelona, a novel about the demise of a failed opera singer after his diagnosis with a terminal illness. My poetry and prose has recently appeared in Philadelphia Stories, Flutter Poetry Journal, Cause & Effect, and Mississippi Crow, and is forthcoming in LiteraryMary, Ascent Aspirations, The Northville Review and Gargoyle.