External Description

Joanna Novak

External Description

The nave is unveiled and un-perfumed and is that of a shapely, rawboned 32 per annum advanced canescent sister one apportion 64 drags in span and counts 108 avoirdupois.

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The nasal atrium is halcyon.

An endotracheal cannula is gift in the gob.

No aberrations are penetrated.

The pearly whites are matter-of-course.

The spike ducts are audible.

No chops are seen of the collar.

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The breadbasket is ballooned.

The miss snatch shows no sign of ill or plague.

Many thorn jab smudges are seen in the crotch doubly.

The stilts perform no data of mayhem.

The toe nails have clarion luster.

The prongs are rarefied.

The prongs are puny.

An intravenous aiguille is gratuity in the A-OK antecubital fossa.

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Original Text (excerpted from the autopsy of Karen Carpenter)

External Description

The body is unclothed and un-embalmed and is that of a well-developed, thin 32 year old white female which measures 64 inches in length and weighs 108 pounds. The body is at room temperature. Rigor mortis is not present. Liver mortis is in the dependent portions and is unfixed, blanching with pressure. The hair is dark brown. The pupils are widely dilated and are round, regular and equal. They measure .6cm in diameter. The sclerae are injected. The nasal cavity is clear. An endotracheal tube is present in the mouth. No abnormalities are seen. The teeth are natural. The ear canals are clear. No injuries are seen of the neck. A small superficial abrasion measuring 1/4 inch is seen over the pre-cordium of the chest. The abdomen is distended. The female genitalia reveal no evidence of injury or disease. Multiple needle puncture marks are seen in the groin bilaterally. The legs show no evidence of injury. The toe nails contain clear polish. The arms are thin. An intravenous needle is present in the right antecubital fossa. Fresh needle marks are seen in both wrists and on the back of the right hand. A superficial abrasion measuring 1/8 in in greatest extent is present on the back of the left hand. The finger nails are long and contain red polish.

JoAnna Novak is from the suburbs of Chicago. Her writing has appeared in Quick Fiction, DIAGRAM, Critiphoria and Pindeldyboz. She studies fiction writing in The Writing Program at Washington University in St. Louis.