Write Back

Lauren Becker

I write in Courier, like a typewriter. It is widely assumed that I own a typewriter. My letters are often discarded because they are written in Courier. I like when people put circles over their "i"s instead of dots. Usually girls. I've never known a boy to do this, but there might be one or two. I don't know why letters start with dear. I find it inappropriately intimate. I have one of those poetry magnet sets that I divided into two sets of adjectives -- one of only colors -- and one set of nouns. I choose a regular adjective, then a color adjective, then a noun, put "my" in front and create a singular salutation, such as my worthy purple saddle or my sardonic green bedroom. I have never chosen the same twice. If I did, I would re-select the general adjective and maybe the noun. I have a pile of adverbs for the end. I add one to "yours." My last letter concluded with thirstily yours. Some people think it's like Mad Libs but that's just stupid.

Lauren Becker lives in Oakland, California. Her work appears, or is forthcoming, in Word Riot, DOGZPLOT, Wigleaf, Mud Luscious, Drunk and Lonely Men, Northville Review, SoMa Literary Review and Red Peter.