The End of the Story by Lydia Davis

Tao Lin & Brandon Scott Gorrell

12:31 AM

Brandon: i want to watch people gmail chat, that have good conversations, like you and gene

12:32 AM

i would like to watch a whole gmail chat

  i would watch it while i fell asleep

  if it was on youtube

 me: that soudns good

  i want to film one once 

 Brandon: good job with that 

 me: close up 

 Brandon: close up?


 me: so it is big

  the words

12:33 AM

and only shows the words 

 Brandon: just the box



  do it

  there is a way to record what happens on your screen 

 me: you told me about this 

 Brandon: i know from the time when i played CS

  a computer game

  this is something different

  people would make movies out of scenes from the game

12:34 AM

and they would stage things in the game to go along with their plot 

 me: i mean with a video camera 

 Brandon: they did it with a program 

 me: so it only shows the part where the new line comes up

  on gmail chat 

 Brandon: no use of camera necissary


  yes okay

  that sounds good too 

12:35 AM

me: my new novel is like 50% gmail chats

  from real gmail chats 

 Brandon: i feel 'lost' in sarcasm

  or 'crippled' by it

  im serious 

 me: i felt that way sometimes

12:36 AM

does it efel bad 

 Brandon: i cant write anything without thinking 'im writing something'

  it just stops me from writing

  because i feel dumb

  and if i edit, i only think about it sarcastically 

 me: ill send you 'the end of the story'


 Brandon: which makes me not interested 

 me: what have you been doing then 

 Brandon: is this what it is about? i read the deb olin interview

  i dont know 

 me: is what what it is about 

 Brandon: i have written

12:37 AM

only felt bad about everything i wrote, for example the dicey brown story, i read and feel nothing at all 

 me: i like it

  you said 'is this what it is about?'

  what are you talking about 

 Brandon: i meant, is the davis story similar to this conversation

  davis novel 

12:38 AM

me: no 

 Brandon: is that why you brought it up, i was wondering


 me: no

  i dont know 

 Brandon: ok

  sarcasm is killing all actions 

 me: it is about she having a relationship with someone 

 Brandon: its bad 

 me: and then it also includes her trying to write the novel about it

  you are just having a sarcastic day or week 

 Brandon: that seems good

12:39 AM

3 or 4 days

  i wrote something and gave it to blake for LC but said 'i will edit it more', he read it and said, yes good i want it, but now i read it and feel nothing and edit only so it appears good

  the sarcasm is taking over

12:40 AM

i cant do anyhting 

 me: after this you will be changed

  the sarcasm will change you 

 Brandon: i need to figure something ouit


 me: at least then you will be more original than other people

  and interesting 

 Brandon: something needs to change


 me: you are becoming more original

  by experiencing things that are abnormal

  to most people 

 Brandon: i think this is the way things are going


  its like a 'test'

12:41 AM

and then this is viewed with sarcasm

  because other people have done this thing

  the whole thing is a cliche

  i feel trapped

12:42 AM

i feel like my sarcasm is too intense

  i would like to watch this gmail chat 

 me: other people havent' done this thing 

 Brandon: im not sure 

 me: who has 

12:43 AM

Brandon: test,

  i dont know who has 

 me: no one has

  we will have gmail chats

  once a week

  and record it

  i will record it with my camera 

 Brandon: haha 

 me: brandon and tao gmail chat ../088


12:44 AM

Brandon: okay 

 me: youtube account called gmail chat


 Brandon: do you have a camera? 

 me: i just got an idea


 Brandon: didnt you say you were buying one on ebay 

 me: i just need to buy minidiscs

  i got one from someone

  a literary magazine called GMAIL CHAT

  take submissions of gmail chats 

 Brandon: DVRs? 

 me: dvr, i dont know 

 Brandon: yes

  that sounds good 

12:45 AM

me: i got another idea a few days ago 

 Brandon: that should be a sub thing of MUUMUU 

 me: a literary magazine caleld MAGIC EIGHTBALL

  a magic eightball is the editor

  and accepts things or doesn't 

 Brandon: haha


  i dont know about that idea

  alot of shit might appear 

 me: terrible things dont get published though

  it would be funny to see something really horrible get published 

12:46 AM

Brandon: so it would be novel 

 me: yes original 

 Brandon: hmm 

 me: today i was thinking about myself 

 Brandon: that sounds like a good promotion thing 

 me: and i thought i would like bad things to happen to me and to experience long periods of depression and loneliness because then i would become 'more original' or something

  i would like to feel more alienated

  i mean 

12:47 AM

Brandon: have you started feeling unoriginal

  is that why 

 me: and then i thought that all i care about is things that are original 

 Brandon: yes 

 me: no, i was just thinking 

 Brandon: i agree 

 me: about boredom and excitement 

 Brandon: hm

  i feel the need to have 'my onw voice'

  i worry

  it consumes my being

  its like 40% of my brain 

12:48 AM

me: i don't think about having my own voice i dont think 

 Brandon: that though


 me: when i think about my novel i just think about 

 Brandon: i feel too influenced by everything ive read 

 me: i dont even know what it hink about 

 Brandon: i need to go to the woods 

 me: i just think that if i work on it for long enough time it will be 'original' just because it will be such a concentrated form of one thing

  or something 

 Brandon: yes

  i think that is a good maxim 

12:49 AM

me: maxim 

 Brandon: ive used maxim alot

  and never really known the meaning

  i just use it 

 me: i watched a documentary on scrabble players 

 Brandon: what was it called?

  i watched a documentary calle dwordpaly before 

 me: one person said he never had a real life. he said his routine now was waking up at night, playing a few games of scrabble, and then that was it 

 Brandon: wordplay 

 me: that was about puzzles or something

  word something

  word wars 

12:50 AM

Brandon: crossword


  heath ledger died and i read an interview


  an article

  he was quoted as saying 'i feel like everything i do is the same'

  and i felt a strong empathy 

 me: haha

  haha he said that 

12:51 AM

Brandon: yes in an article, i googled, i think 'heath ledger dead' 

 me: i keep thinking 'haha'

  i dont know 

 Brandon: is it the laughing or just that word

  i have thoughts

12:52 AM

my thoughts havent changed for like a month

  my unemployed thoughts will be like a phase

  because they are all the same

 me: the word

 Brandon: and i think they will end

  the word 'haha' 

 me: my brain feels really empty a lot of the time now

  completely empty 

12:53 AM

Brandon: whenever my brain feels empty, its not empty, it just says, this is boring, or, what should i do 

 me: then i read about it in lydia davis' book 

 Brandon: there is never something empty

  if its empty it says one of those two thoughts 

 me: yes empty is not the word

  i will type something from the book'

12:54 AM

never mind

  i will type it later into a blog post 

 Brandon: did you send that yet


  because you will type it


  thank you in the future for sending 

12:55 AM

me: i have gotten a lot of rashes on my body that itch

  i feel senile 

 Brandon: last night i thought alot about blogging, and came to an idea that i will post alot more about inanimate objects like fruit and couches because no one can hate you for those 

 me: senile and asexual 

 Brandon: what, rashes, why 

 me: i dont know 

 Brandon: thats strange 

 me: people can still hate you 

12:56 AM

Brandon: yes kind of 

 me: for your sentences 

 Brandon: but if you are always posting about nothing

  i dont know

  im afraid

  i hate blogging

  'fuck life' 

 me: people dont hate you if you just post a link

  one link

12:57 AM

without commentary 

 Brandon: i have noticed a trend

  in your link posts you dont get comments

  in my link posts 

 me: yes

  in whose link posts

12:58 AM

if i make a lot of links i dont get comments

  if i made a post saying why dave eggers sucks i would get a lot of comments

12:59 AM

my novel goes from march, 2006 to march 2007, to now

  march 2008

  march, 2006, march 2007, march 2008 

1:00 AM

Brandon: i dont know what you were saying i didnt get it 

 me: Brandon: i have noticed a trend 
in your link posts you dont get comments 
in my link posts 
me: yes 
in whose link posts 
if i make a lot of links i dont get comments 
if i made a post saying why dave eggers sucks i would get a lot of comments 
Sent at 12:58 AM

on Thursday 
me: my novel goes from march, 2006 to march 2007, to now 
march 2008 
march, 2006, march 2007, march 2008

 Brandon: okay


1:01 AM

march 2008 hasnt happened

  there are different levels though i think 

 me: i dont know where to end the novel 

 Brandon: of link posts

  just keep writing

  until an end is received 

 me: i have urges to just pusblish 'a piece of shit' but original in some way

1:02 AM

like being original in talking about boring pointless things 

 Brandon: a piece of shit

  internet feels fucked right now

  yes but thats what my thing in dicey brown was 

 me: but not an entire novel 

 Brandon: thats all i feel i can do

1:03 AM

thats all i want to do 

 me: that is good, it is original 

 Brandon: but im stopped because of the boring pointless thing 

 me: your story was original 

 Brandon: i could write a novel like that i AM


  but i feel bad about it

  because its about nothing 

 me: you should do it 

 Brandon: just a person thats incredibly bored 

 me: that is good 

 Brandon: i dont know, i fear

1:04 AM

a fear exists 

 me: you can write other novels later 

 Brandon: novel shits 

 me: did you see that girl again 

 Brandon: novels should be retitled 'novel shits'

  no, just the one time 

 me: i want to name my novel something original 

 Brandon: we talk on IM 

1:05 AM

me: i dont know what 

 Brandon: i feel asinine

  i thought that while i saw you were typing 

 me: i feel asexual 

 Brandon: ill send you something 

 me: my crotch itches

1:06 AM

from dry skin i think

  we should submit a gmail chat to blake butler

  his magazine 

 Brandon: this one


1:07 AM

yes one gmail chat

  sounds good 

 me: okay

  read his blog

  it has some solicaition thing 

 Brandon: i already have one in his next issue 

 me: this chat is revealing 

 Brandon: he would take something from you too


  who should edit it 

 me: send him this

  i dont awnt to edit it 

 Brandon: you should because i already have something

  no i AM

already submitting something else

 me: what do yuo mean


 Brandon: it will be by tao lin 

 me: like change it 

1:08 AM

Brandon: i dont know 

 me: this can be about 'the end of the story' by lydia davis 

 Brandon: put it in word doc

  i sent you the thing

  it has an endless series of sarcasm 

 me: it looks long 

 Brandon: i just qualified myself the entire time

  the whole thing is a qualification for even typing

  i dont kno


  you submit

1:09 AM

i have filled my LC space with the story 

 me: i dont know 

 Brandon: i dont know either 

 me: what did you submit

  i'm sending you a small paragraph from my novel 

 Brandon: a story about being alienated from the furniture in my room


1:10 AM

me: but that doesnt fit into what he posted

  he was soliciting for 

 Brandon: he asked for it yesterday, in the morning, before any post i saw, he asked for it in my comments section, and i sent it, and he said yes good i want it 

 me: i'm going to email him this. it 'feels' 'original', to do this 

 Brandon: okay good


 me: i'm titing it

1:11 AM

titling it 

 Brandon: titting 

 me: 'the end of the story, by lydia davis' 

 Brandon: haha

  that made me laugh 

 me: people will google that and find this

  i would rather read this

  than reviews

  i'm emailing now 

 Brandon: send tht


Lydia Davis has written several books of short stories and one novel called 'The End of the Story.' Lydia Davis knows a lot of words. She seems lonely and severe but is probably very nice. I sometimes imagine her teeth are rotting. I'm not sure what about her makes me think that.

Tao Lin is the author of the poetry-collection, COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY, which will be published by Melville House in May, 2008, and some other books including two e-books on BEAR PARADE. His blog is READER OF DEPRESSING BOOKS.

Brandon Scott Gorrell has recently appeared in Pindeldyboz, Elimae, Dicey Brown Magazine, Robot Melon, Lamination Colony, NANO Fiction, Pineapple War, 3:AM and others.