I wish I had a telephone & if I did I would call U!!!

Michael Bible

Let me tell u about my room.

It is made from smoke & the smoke is made from a 100 tiny fires. They are not fire fires. They are paper fires from inside little log cabins. I ate popsicles & made the cabins.

There is also Wolf in my room & he is no pet. He pee pees all over. I've have tried too many times to talk to Wolf. To scold him & to make him my friend.

There is also this overhead projector in my room. Like the ones in school. I draw pictures on it with my marker & tell the stories. I draw lambs & fields & flowers. My marker is blue.

There are Wall Street Journals in my room. There are stacks & stacks. They make tables & chairs. This is what they say: MAN WALKS ON THE PRESIDENT. THE MOON IS DEAD.

I wish I had a best friend my own age. Someone I could build castles with! Let's play dress up & then have tea! Lets play Dr.!! What u just did I'll do for me!

Listen to the snow. It makes beautiful sounds. It falls on top of the other snow. It is like the sound of a TV with no channels.

The man came to my room the other day. He was holy because of the hat on his head. He said it was because of God. I made him a sailors cap from Wall Street Journals.

He said, Is this a joke?

I said I don't know no jokes.

Knock knock, he said.

I said, I am bored with your joke.

Then he put his hand on my knee and would not let go.

I wish I had a telephone & if I did I would call U!!!

What bout that little soft serve cream machine, you may ask yourself? What about the disco ball & tiny ice skating rink? What about the baby spacemen & baby steamboat? And the candy from Japan. Super apple!

The words on this page are octopuses.

Lets go walk on my beach. My room has an ocean. Dont u feel the water on ur toes? There's the sky as blue as an eye. There's Noah's old rainbow. Here's a fresh baked pie.

The rollercoaster's the best ride at the park. The pandas are the best bears at the zoo. My favorite country is Sweden. Deal with it.

Lets play a game me and u…

Turn that song up on the record player. Now look at the closet. Act like the music is that closet.


Michael Bible is the author of the forthcoming chapbooks, "My Second Best Bear Rug" (Paper Hero Press) and "Gorilla Math" (Greying Ghost Press). His work has appeared online in pindelyboz and flatmancrooked and is forthcoming in flatmancrooked print. He teaches creative writing at the University of Mississippi where he received his MFA. He is a member of the Cats Purring arts collective and plays percussion with Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele. He co-edits Kitty Snacks Magazine.