Fetishes (browse/bulk edit)

Meghan Lamb

Into: biting (wearing), candle wax (wearing), dildos (everything to do with it), discipline (wearing), electrotorture (wearing), erotic photography (receiving), exhibitionism (watching others wear), fisting (wearing), foot/feet (wearing), high heels (receiving), humiliation (wearing), masks (giving), masochism (watching others wear), mutual masturbation (wearing), nipples (giving), oral sex (wearing), pantyhose/stockings (giving), power exchange (wearing), rimming (wearing), sadism (wearing), scent (receiving), spanking (watching others wear), talking dirty (wearing), toys (giving), vibrators (watching others wear), voyeurism (wearing), whips (watching others wear).

Curious about: age play (wearing), anal sex (wearing), ass play (watching others wear), breath play (wearing), gangbangs (wearing), hair pulling (wearing), making home movies (wearing), master/slave (watching others wear), masturbation (watching others wear), nun/priest play (receiving), pain (watching others wear), pinching (watching others wear), role play (giving), rubber (giving), scat play (watching others wear), sensory deprivation (watching others wear), sex in public (wearing), transvestism (receiving), watersports (watching others wear).

meghan lamb is 25, female, chicago, engaged.