Two Texts

Peter Berghoef

An Honest Mistake Manual

original headdress breasts with clothes in tatters
accidental breath out of an octopus furnace below the barn
better than never born or decorated rafters the cat wishes she could grab
as soon as you get home refer
back to the manual
in whatever language necessary
the keys fished out of a rest stop toilet
while a stranger fidgets with the lock

Michigan City Landfill


nobody doubts the wire trash can
the limit of painted brick
the size of the future statue
as seen by unborn salesmen
from the hotel bar


the last leg on the rural route
collections announced over
crackling speakers
coins put casually into baskets


let your long legs breathe
the way to the lake
I slowly lick every inch
of I-94

Peter Berghoef lives in Michigan. His first chapbook, News of the Haircut will be available this spring from Triptych Trencher. Other poems can be found floating around the internet.