Ryan Manning

1. i was obsessed with marilyn manson for much of my adolescence, during which i attended three of his live performances
2. one night in poughkeepsie i stalked him with three witches i had met in an elevator, we were all staying in the same hotel
3. i attended woodstock 1999, where i met the cutest couple and became their pet for a day, i was with them during the riot
4. i used marijuana on a daily basis for approximately ten years, and at one point i was using cocaine as a matter of routine
5. i am in love with marijuana despite the many negative consequences i have experienced as a result of my love affair with it
6. i have never been able to financially support myself, i have tried living in ibiza, colorado, and california but i failed each time
7. i feel compelled to make documentary films about my two favorite restaurants in boulder, i think it is a reasonable prospect
8. in oakland i was attacked on the street one day, rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance and released that evening
9. for a while i frequented a local strip club in boulder, i became obsessed with strip clubs and even visited one in kansas city
10. i have contemplated dating an escort but have not actually done it for various reasons, and i doubt i would ever actually do it

Ryan Manning is a man and a woman breathing heavily, with 1970's music in the background.