Poem That Is 15-20 Lines Long Including Line Breaks


The fat man
who rides a motorcycle
picks me up
and says he has something to show me.
We drive through green trees
with golden apples.
When we get to the clearing
in the woods
I tell the fat man
we don't have any time left
for him to show me
what he wanted to show me.
Yes, we do, he whispers in my ear.
Then we jump off his motorcycle and the fat man grabs my hand, which is weird, but not as weird as you would think, and we run through the green trees and to a place where two bears are sumo wrestling and the deer clap by banging their antlers and the squirrels are definitely on the one bear's side because they keep trying to trip him and I turn to the fat man and ask him what it all means and the fat man says he is showing me how to write this poem and then the one bear steps on the squirrels and pushes the other bear through a glass window and we all run over to watch the bear falling but the bear is now a car bouncing and rolling down the cliff and when it reaches the bottom it hesitates, rocks from side to side for a moment, before exploding.

Shane Jones is the author of the forthcoming novel, LIGHT BOXES (Publishing Genius Press, Feb 2009) and the chapbook I WILL UNFOLD YOU WITH MY HAIRY HANDS (Greying Ghost 2008). He lives in Albany, New York