An Unsurity


There is a baby that came out of me this morning. He has a cunt. I don’t know what to do. I ate the gross stuff. I washed my thighs. Is that right?

There is sleep fucking porn where women get molested and fucked while they are sleeping. I watched a lot of them. I don’t believe those women were sleeping at all.

I walked into a forest by the sea. Its name was Doug. I got lost inside Doug for several days. I ate bark and bugs. I drank sap. I was never warm. My skin turned into bones. When I fell asleep somebody came and fucked me. I never woke up. Twelve days later I came out into a clearing next to a busted up RV where a small family was swimming in an inflatable pool. At first I thought Doug was joking but then I found my car and I drove away. I remembered how to drive. I remembered I was by the sea.

I named the baby Doug. I pushed rice into his cunt. He made little noises but nothing else happened. I washed some towels. I told my dog, NO. I told Doug, NO. I kept saying NO. I started sleeping with little strings tied to all of my toes that were tied to chains that were tied to everything I owned.

I drove Doug to the sea. I walked Doug into Doug. I left him there. I hope one day I will find him swimming with the small family; frolicking in a pink ruffled bikini with yellow embroidered bumblebees.

Is that right?

xTx is a writer living in Southern California. She has been published in places like PANK, Smokelong, Monkeybicycle, elimae, >Kill Author and Dogzplot. She has a free e-book entitled, “Nobody Trusts a Black Magician” available at Nonpress.