The Horse

Zachary Bush

On my seventeenth birthday, my Uncle Morton built a carrousel in the middle of my bedroom. Morton, as he did with many things, mistook my obsession with numbers to be one for plastic, smiling horses. I am almost positive I never asked him to take on such a ludicrous feat, but no can deter a man who has spent 16.95234 years in a basement, feasting on thousands of ripe tennis balls, from building a carrousel for his teenage nephew.

Zachary C. Bush, 25, is a poet. He is the author of 5 chaps, and 3 full-length collections: All Avenues Lead To The Vortex [vol. 1] (2008), AT SWAN DECAPITATION (Vox Press: 2009), & ANGLES OF DISORDER (BlazeVOX: 2009). He is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the City College of New York. ZCB edits KORA. Visit his blog--DECAPSWAN.