: Matthew Simmons is The Man Who Couldn't Blog. He lives in Seattle with his cat Emmett. He would like to dedicate Caves to 1am.

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// AN EBOOK from Lamination Colony //

"In CAVES, Matthew Simmons creates a cross between a poem and a stand-up routine. Set in a near future defined only by flying cars, this story of a man's strange love offers no explanations and requires none. It makes its own melancholy magic."
—Janet, the author's sister-in-law

"Caves…is a love that spans geological time…an echoing and moving work. Mr. Simmons has great affection for those who love outside the norm...An excellent introductory work to speleology—with a dash of amore for good measure. Dieses ist kurzer Non-fiction an seinem besten"
—Laura, the author's cousin

"This is one of your most creative stories ever! I love it. However, being your mother, I tried as far as possible NOT to read too much into it......that was hard. Thank you for asking me to be one of your blurbers."
—Mom, the author's mother