Adam J Maynard

You have a face like a cigar clipper

It comes with an inflatable bee with a bell inside

They tell me that I am not allowed on the red carpet

Even though I’ve seen a little baby in the centre of the sun

In the night she woke everybody up with her vocoder voice

And I really wanted to get close to her glowing blue face

Anyway, I looked out of the paint-flaked window

And could see the pear and the pineapple

Talking about the impact of the hurricane

I went and ordered something online

And then I jumped off the couch, in to the air

Adam J Maynard lives in Oxford (UK). His work has been published in Zembla, Tank, Purple, Loop and Surgery of Modern Warfare among others, and has most recently appeared in Pineapplewar and Robot Melon. His book of short stories Stumble was published by Pulp Books in 1999. He is the editor of the short fiction/poetry site My Name is Mud and blogs at Vampire on the Moon.