Hedy Zimra

I Am Watching

Ganesh wants to destroy me with his massive cannon.

My mother calls me smegma lips as a term of endearment. When my former husband was castrated by carjackers in Fort Worth, I laughed until magma flowed freely where tears once were.

Good mothers forget their children's names. My child was breech-a version was attempted by a midwife who said that vaginal birth would be impossible. The child was an elephant. An abortion was attempted.

Still pregnant.

She was clever to get a divorce and to be child-free is the only religion since he was cock-free. He has now mutated and has three heads and lays eggs. He claims them to be French and include hypertext that can actually be ingested but beware- you will be poisoned. Upon consumption, you may only remember one lover- the one that fucked you in the ear until you were blind.

I Will Try To Improve

We sit in business class and fuck up our three children
You tell me that I am worthless and who

Do I think I am
Jim Morrison?
Paying no attention to our children

Cocktail of Lorazepam and champagne
HN51 as my Indonesian souvenir
My sunglasses are worn for my migraines

My poor behavior is character building for them
Memoir material, I say

Hotel security has been told not to let you into my room.
You say that one of us will die if I leave you.
Jim Morrison didn't even have any children.

Hedy Zimra lives in Suzhou, China. Her work has recently appeared in Elimae, Liars' League and Tobybashi. She is an MFA candidate at Bennington College. She enjoys a bit of food poisoning here and there to maintain her girlish figure.