Three Poems

Adam J. Maynard


The pink washing up liquid
Slides down the wall
The curtains move gently
In the most satisfactory fashion

Flowers wake suddenly
In the new warm sunlight
As a cobra in Nike sneakers glides by

Yellow sheets do their dance on the line
Apprehensive Apricots bobble on the bough

A little piece of chocolate begins to cry
As the shadows of leaves sway
Across green plastic panels

Skeletons in Nike Hi-Tops smoke cigarettes
Their caps turned backwards

Clothes have no feelings
Strawberries and cream
In blue denim jeans

Disappear down the lane

A Green leaf symphony
Plays out of the trees

A ballet of doors
Opening and closing


The Skellingtons smoke cigarettes
And drink cups of tea

The busy bumble bees
Are buzzing on the breeze

They elect a sock puppet for president

We witness
The great orange disc of the sun
Dropping below the horizon

Now we sit with The Skellingtons
In the churchyard (cups of tea again)

Gazing up at the moon

The very green
Very sad moon


This kitchen seems unfair
They’ll smash your dreams to pieces
Your face flying through the night
Everything in the trees singing

I hear the energy of the rain
Shake its soft blue hand
It’s like a pleasure emergency

Hug me when I’m on holiday
Like a big green entitled parrot
As if I were flying through the trees

We painted some really good pictures
Napoleon was there

He threw me back in to spring

I opened the door
To a Narwhal
Shivering on the porch

I was a sort of man
Holding a cartoon
Styrofoam cup of coffee

Adam J. Maynard lives in Oxford. His poetry has appeared in: Prelude, FENCE, SAND Journal, West Wind Review, Abraham Lincoln Magazine, Zembla, Purple, TANK, Neru Phuyt Magazine, Lamination Colony, LIT, Robot Melon, Pineapplewar, Spooky Boyfriend, New Wave Vomit, Kill Author, The Corduroy Mtn, Pangur Ban Party, Noo Journal, Red Lightbulbs, UP Literature, Housefire, and Horse Nihilist among others. His book of short fiction, Stumble, was published by Pulp Books. His chapbook, The Frogs, was published by Plain Wrap Press. Three Poems (printed at The Bodleian Bibliographical Press) was also recently published.