The Blue Glow

MJ Miken

Since my girlfriend told me a few weeks ago that some years ago her aunt/sister (long story) had seen the ghost of her (my GFs) Dad’s Mom (GF’s Grandma) in not only the basement here (my GF’s Mom has seen the ghost too but since she is a fanciful, albeit high-functioning drunk, I take that siting with the largest of salt grains) but in this very bedroom (my current location), I have been fairly apprehensive about staying over. Now, having just woken from a dead sleep and feeling as if I’m about to piss the bed (on account of drinking way too much water – nothing unmanly about wanting nice, healthy, hydrated skin) (which I should not as that could blow any chance I have of getting laid by my GF again, though it may solve future reoccurrences of my current predicament), I’m finding myself absolutely unable to leave this bed and this bedroom on account of the unexplainable blue glow out in the basement. The GF leaves the bedroom door open (so her cat – I loathe that thing – can come in and out of the room and walk on me while I’m trying to sleep) and through that open door I usually see pitch blackness (as it is that way through the entire basement on these overnight hours, which makes walking to the basement bathroom precarious as I’ve already stepped on rough and hardened vomited-up cat food more times than I’d prefer to have in this life or the next); but now (at 3:18 am, in the witching hour) there is a blue glow illuminating the darkness.

From the view through the open door (as I peer over the top edge of the comforter) I see no ethereal specter (which if I did, might be the end of me here and now), simply this blue glow (which presumably is coming from someone or something). My heart is racing and my hairs stand on end. I am in no way about to go out there, walk to bathroom, and possibly be confronted by or even feel the presence of my GF’s Grandma’s ghost (whom I never met even when she was alive; and, according to the tale, this ghost was seen by the aunt/sister right as she and her BF at the time were about to have sex, and on seeing the apparition the romp came to a fast end; so since this spirit may wish to maintain the honor of the women of her family, there is little chance she will be friendly towards me).

So, I find myself, here and now, shaking in terror of who or what could be out in the basement and shaking from not being able to hold this whizz in much longer. Therefore: see and confront a ghost (an unhappy one, likely) possibly; or, wet my GF’s bed and (in likelihood) ruin more than this bed?

I hope she is dreaming of sitting in a nice, warm hot tub.

MJ Miken is a writer and DJ. Written work can be found at Back Patio Press, Soft Cartel, and Terror House Magazine. Sonic work can be found at His current location is Earth-planet, Universe; or, the nearest gym. He does not skip leg day.