Brooke Nicole Plummer

A throne is nothing less than the will, my control—
a bent hook, a lukewarm teacup. Adjectives that
describe faults, but the objects are in form, in the

means to be described as something occupying space—
which is why I channel the authors in burial grounds.

Their axioms rise from the lithosphere to be captured and
shelved in used bookstores. A few, crinkled bills for a stack
of them, which is good news for the heavy-eyed proletariat.


When the stars burn themselves onto the roof,
there is a voracious appetite for filling paper.

It helps flicker the bulb of understanding,
so that I, a tiny pocket of obsidian,
can recommence to some order—

A sparrow flying vertically to tree sap
goes undisturbed by these things.

Brooke Nicole Plummer is an artist from the Midwest region. She once had a parrot named Sailor and has been to more Jimmy Buffett concerts than you can count. Her first chapbook, “FLYOVER, COMPILED NOTHINGS”, was self-published in November of 2018 and is currently working on her second chapbook, “CEREMONIOUS”.