from $50,000

Andrew Weatherhead

Charles Darwin married his first cousin, Emma
The boxer Zab Judah has been mugged by the rapper Fabolous, twice
The sun rises on W. 27th Street, sodium lights hum on 10th Ave
The soul spasms in the space left for it by the flesh
Facts are innocent, like flies in a room, not even looking for a way out
I walk around naked, turning lights off
E. thinks we have bed bugs
The bites on his arms are horrible, but they aren’t bed bugs…
The cat sleeps in my chair
What should I do?
Time stands still; we move through it
Sirens doppler in the distance
The blue, shiny buildings at the end of summer
$4.50 for iced coffee
Tater tots, untouched, in the trash
B-roll of hell
Stock photos of people losing the will to live
Every few hours a man with one eye walks by my desk
He sees the real me, eating lunch alone
We’re in something less than history
Q. got stuck in the elevator for twenty minutes
He’s been talking about it for weeks
R. showed me videos of his horse
S.’s wife’s name is also S.
Maybe Andy Warhol was right, making money is art
My boss gets out of his car and tosses his keys in the air
John Ashbery: “Once you’ve lived in France, you don’t want to live anywhere else, including France”
Trees rustle overhead
The Uzbeks just sit there smiling
The bus driver just laughs
Doors open—
Doors close—
Words only get in the way
Because nothing ever happens the way it actually happens
Sandstone, siltstone, shale, coal, sandstone, siltstone, shale, coal
Time is a jelly – it wooshes
Susan Howe: “There are names under things and names inside names”
My signature just scratches the surface
I sign the check Ian Ashole
Ham Biggar
Sultan McDoom
Billie-Jo Skeleton
Shattice Bacon-Blood
Bea Swarm
Gates Peed
Cadaverous Nunn
Squeegee Santillian
Mayo Stuntz
Joe Shortsleeve
Perfect Love

Andrew Weatherhead is the author of Cats and Dogs (Scrambler Books, 2014), Todd (Monster House Press, 2018), and $50,000 (Publishing Genius Press, 2020).