Three Poems

Sebastian Castillo

Poem for Outside

A mung bean sprouted negatively
toward the earth.
You could find some
version of living there,
private and cleanish.
At least that’s what he told me,
a conversation which, by definition,
ruined the promise
of what mung proposed
so convincingly.

But we get along fine, playing
dice, yawping,
and of course, gathering courage
for the day we bust
open the ceiling of surfacehood,
i.e. “the great outdoors.”

Automatic Poem 2

you think that decadence can drill into me like an octopus fragment
well no that would be stupid to think
nothing like octopus can tag me
i’m like a chair in a far-away zone
some zones don’t think
please leave my goo-goo-ga-ga alone

In a Station of the Metro

Q: Explain the opposite of events?
A: Above-ground swimming pool.
Sebastian Castillo is the author of books and lives somewhere.