David Bowie, Singing “is there anybody in there?”


trading music with friends on the internet

becoming aware of a corner of culture that you didn’t know existed

getting wiser in the process and maybe even better who knows

knowing somebody more closely as if they’re not just a circle on a timeline

listening to said music and thinking about their shoes, wondering what kind of shoes they are wearing and what it would be like literally/figuratively to walk a mile in them, assuming it’s converse high-tops like the kind you used to wear when you were punk (not that you’re trading in punk any more no it’s long past that) and now your feet hurt

feeling sympathy pains, musically, emotionally, physically

wondering what other people listen to, what what they listen says about them

asking the internet for more people to trade music with

hearing things about them by the choices they’ve made and making assumptions about their fundamental core and probably being right and saying things like I knew I didn’t like him and now I really know I don't like him or she always seemed cool but now a little bit more

believing for half of a second that any of this matters, that we are our taste, that we can be subjected to such a simplistic myopic view of things

deciding that art is bad and giving up on it completely.

consuming nothing but interactions, desperate to try to better understand people

losing steam quickly

receding into the internet

turning into a hermit

posting, “hey what is everybody listening to?”

meaning it
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