no gods no masters

maxana quinn

scraped knees. we bruise
& call it faith.

i am full

of what i’ve done
& what’s been done to me.
i feel ugly in my bed.
i feel ugly in the lamplight.
it’s too late to change
my dress.

i’m the main character
when i go to the movies alone
or sweep up crushed moths.
i am disposable
when i tell the truth.

everything here
is hard, bright, violent. flesh
is torn everyday,
but we cry each time.

a friend wrote me to say love is given & given
& that is enough.

i want to see beyond fear.
i want to look at the world with love.
i don’t want you to hold your breath.
it’s a terrible sound.
maxana quinn is a poet & photographer in tempe, arizona. her current aspiration is to reach level 255 on pocket frogs.