Mike Andrelczyk

There’s a glowing yellow foam finger!!!

Pointing at something eternally just out of view!!!

There’s an armored truck with its flashers on under a periwinkle sky!!!

Black vultures with rubber fetishes flocking to virtual end-of-life visitations on iPads with 15-percent battery life!!!

There’s the soft wobble!!!

Of everything!!!

Even at the peak of Kilimanjaro you have to wait in line at the end!!!

She said she was a numbers man as she ate a $15 salad in a 15-minute city!!!

(We are in a holding pattern!!!)

Retweeting a picture of a woman feeding a manatee a sweet potato that looks just like a manatee!!!

One way to sell some gasoline is to discover thousands of dinosaur bones and catalog them!!!

Cremation sounds light and cool/creamy but is actually terrifying if you think too hard!!!

99th floor jumper realizing it’s too late (!!!)

There’s a horse!!!

A clown mask, a book of proverbs, two dice, a strawberry, a sock puppet, a loaded handgun!!!

The growing sunrise is fuzzy as a fungus inside the friendly confines!!!

The gentle dementia of an octopus sliding into the deep shadow!!!


Exploring a cave is called spelunking!!!

Disproving a myth is called debunking!!!

Getting out of a bunk bed is also called debunking!!!

Pluto on a tin scale!!!

Everything has four names!!!

The rain!!!

Pooling inside a magnolia leaf in the soft light gray afternoon!!!

Listening to Gap Band’s “Beep a Freak”!!!

On vinyl!!!

Watching the sun go down!!!

We are bathed in blue light!!!

Time seems to move slowly but we are all edging ever closer to the never-ending blank void!!!

Eating cupcakes!!!

Battling invasive species with masking tape!!!

In a cloud of green flies I blow a whistle!!!

Septuagenarians on pogo sticks beside jumbo jets!!!

Electric scooters/chairs!!!

Thinking of all the people I’ve known that have died!!!

Laughing on the inside inside of a house made of yellow flowers!!!

Putting on a giant foam finger/novelty hand thing on my hand!!!

Look over there!!!