Havving a birthday noatter when
its just how yuo can feel birth sometime
good laving

looking at my heat at night 
sees good to me seeeing it again
liek bright but also kidna dark too
weird liek how light canbe two things like
me dave! b&uilt a
tinysled out of thigns and wow fast
down my hills! 

Flashlight! this one is brokenn 
104 no 102 103 once a year real bad fof e aday and thats it
Knockling on my wood

Breathing on the Moon &going happy
Sapling play//I like eggs in breadd
Habe you seen me scape? did t thank so

Thamks Dave! Going outhe back one (door)

maybe im Three tjings: yellow (soft) gold (dark) silver and gold (chrismas)
feeling unlukely though

Cant fin d celophane number
mayebe il email yuo instead likecall aflower a zimmer
i dont know Anyone elsewho cals it a zimmer but could be you! email me iokay

sorry Guy happening now

can you consdiwr what it means to consider to be dave lieke me but faster than i can doing (prunounce like doing like doink if you can, helps with sullables) it or saying it like WOW im dave though bretty GOOD
thansk man -Dave)

Slamdunking in America
Who couldn’t (?)
Potntially most but evn though shool is easy
Its hard to be a school
Oh! Hey lllama
Hi Dabe!

Thinking bout me being me and I cant see it right
Maybbe If i’m me more i migt be real one
Pretnding the stuff
Misseding my ex curlfriend
hugling my beuatifull fife
Teachhing my song to dance ballpark
Enjoying your timehere thanks dad

The punrjuice was good this am! Like a rose bush though!
Prickling and greeb with
horseshoe carbs
,🚀saw a ghost inm y cellphane

huggin yp the chirktmus lights in octoer becase of something my grandpa dave said to me little baby dave which was that you should but thic hristmas lights ip in octimber sometimes uf you are daves
thingking abut him at his tombstone like
wow thats dave too
lucky ym me dave even when I leave like octimer to noremeber a raven but too laght! like Wow im rght here
Hey man!

exciting to be a pome canow today hapy for yuo dve (canoe)!
thanks dave syrating a soc for u dave thanks dabe (no pro dave -Dabe)
Canpeing again /w Blake

Bought some dynamighte
Good Styles

Weare a spirk (nitted cap) in the shower cram allurms going orf on my block
If gourds are so great why isn’t it ramming outsid? Rain in my sock? A spark in my sork? Soaked? Like a Davel battlesheep!
O yep! Sink me a lime man

Tastful pasta plater
Spaggettit and me balls
Found my softnesss
and three chicken!

milking 3 thinjs mught just call it a Duplex  rho
a new/old trafition
Dace (peave) basteseller (love) snapple (snappiness)
Sky is crammed especially on a hill
—famine sucks windmiles out of the crap in the pond
Lieke that layer of ice on my brain
GO cucumber! THoug! Just Darm! Cave though Dave (peace)
Hahah i was Goring to say ice evrrywhere too! Like in the soulkp shop! Hearing them yell about corvid
Lotsa burds under the ice tooo jn my little carp lake

Looks liek a fine canoe dave
thAnks Blake
No PropDave

Listling my truck going roughly tumbler
Nver feeling good but it”s ok man
w=Stil enjloying thingks
Makning poems no matter when / secret treees
I’m happy to meetyou Ddave, thanks man

Saw me on #wikipedia that they pput some guys in space
hapy to read yuor ooems about that sometimes
just Fine thanksthough dave
Not really a space guy thoug

(🐎) (imagining a wig salesguy sayign Hey let your hair dowm
Hay man juts going soem poems todayy
Just livng laughing and poems today!

Vegetarian egg starta
Pickling me up

lookiimgwith my eyebat
smeling with my nose
thingking thinks about the breeeze 😎
Dont let it getyuo down though were all here someplaces
any kidn if tree too aftualy
its okay If you ccan't see or smel it also just tryng to give you am Idea abuot them
smelLed things like a clown magbe too
but thats Hard to smell right 

Anyway back to the pome:

when yor face is too wrong ill start over but Kantk now!
Wade on over bud! Too deeep for me 
Thanks Bud !
I like yur life jacket
THanks mann

found a new America n Alarmclock ib my garage
thunk it was daveos/maybe he left it here
whats that  song about alarm clock and the old god
pretty weird one not sure why theg let it be where you xan hear to it for free
not me just not catholic angmore basically but thats it for the most part
Tgansk for sleeping over dave
Wake Up! jk (🐎 ) habe a hot thermos dab1!

Frying my best butstill findding
thin laybers of icicles on my braim (some good stiff here!)
Atill dranking these hot thermos of coffe
Happy sunrising man yeh
Wishin I was here thuogh
making potato tots
Anyway 🙆`

lostening to little spounds
thanking litle thoughts like how toasters are fullof sand
makingl christmas the time
to Be santas
halding my frends hands even though we're six miles away
dirking my coffe in alamada
hitching my Rides
Licking ice iscoket

Ideas fo the poem later on when were in home:

  1. Pancake Hat
  2. Losing shoee
  3. Kep sliming
  4. Another pancake chat
  5. Lockinged window
  6. Cat wi/ sneezes

Enjoying howmy canoe smmells like a dog breathin
It oH nO my barkings are barking
One sec!
UPS guy mubled my name
Froget the coffee Becca
Aoh its Okay Dave thanks
Cant remember last time i punched somone
Real thining but it hurts my bread 
Coolman / Living in my littl one

hey josh!
Come herre letme tell yuo a sacret:
Litle bridgers over my brain
halpig mw be  dave

Waring my pancake hat
Keeping me the butter away but my fair is flat like that
Like a pancake tbh

Oop sorry man mised your call
still me actualy
just me dab
just havign a green one still
thanks Man
HI Gorgecomo! Happy birdday for you!
DAVE -Dave.