Three Poems

Nathaniel Duggan

Brief Thoughts on Mars

An election came and went. I was
in love, there were grasshoppers singing
with their thighs. Our blood
was blue Gatorade while a supervillain
conquered unnamed planets—
this was late summer
and angels were attacking.
We were at war with a desert
and the sand kept piling back.
Like any other night
the stars fell,
the stars kept falling.

Like a Dog Returning to Vomit

I am going to kill myself
so hard today
with juggled chainsaws
and torches imbibed
orally. I will destroy
the entire nation of me
with a nuclear bomb
unless demands are met.
I am a bug in late summer
whose shell has burst.
I have lost track
of the days of my bender.
I am going to confuse
the part for its whole,
the scrambling ants
for the hill they refuse
to die on.

Sometimes I Wish I Was a Shark: Pulling the World Apart with Nothing But My Teeth

Your last thought is a perilous one.
Another murder goes unsolved,
another planet is built
upon steel and suffering,
another Friday. Thank God
it’s Friday. In a dead November
all that remains of any bug
is its shell, and everyone falls
asleep after the office pizza party,
drool pooling on their keyboards,
circuitry frying, the company stock
plunged. Your sadness is deep
as any crack in the ocean;
at its bottom gather
glow-in-the-dark squid.
Nathaniel Duggan is a writer from Maine. His work can be found on He has a twitter @asdkfjasdlfjd.