Two Poems

Rachel Kass

Piano Concerto no. 32 In D minor


indentations of a face barely visible vs. ultra clear visions of your abuser. both wait for you to fall asleep, take a lateral loss, long hair snaking soap water dull now darling suck sweeping honey careening eyelid suckling call me if you can if you can

Sonata No.10

in the basement again
The tacks were on the floor,
their primary colors
polka dotting the sole of my prepubescent foot

I'm  pressing  ice cubes 
Hard as I can 
down on my wrists 
though he doesn’t seem to think
This is a safety plan.

his absence 
a hissing frying pan
Too sensitive, he always said
White dancers’ tights, tear striped.

my nervous system 
touching air 
can be so violent

even silent noise sounds like a chainsaw
that white ticking murmur of knowing 
this moment can exist in any year of your life 

I can't stop thinking of the tacks.
               They are in our bread
               Those who have killed us.
Rachel Kass is a writer and kindergarten teacher in Connecticut. Her work can be found in Hotel #5, Bomb Magazine, Maudlin House and more. Say hello on Twitter or Instagram @rhamphoid.