After Yoko Ono’s “Acorn”

Lexi Kent-Monning

Parting Gift
When you part ways with a lover,
shave their beard off in one piece.
You were there while it grew like a house plant and now
they can tend to their own new crop.

Morning Exercise
Wake up and burn
one match until it reaches your fingertips.

Hard Times
Cuddle a wrench when morose,
the cold metal pushing shapes into your skin.

Sleep Tip #1
Fill a Volvo’s trunk with pennies
to make a rattle for your baby
that more closely resembles the loudness of your love.

A Compromise
Take turns giving piggyback rides
with a pair of boots —
Every other time it’s raining,
take them off so they stay dry
and your own feet get wet.
Lexi Kent-Monning is an alumna of the Tyrant Books workshop Mors Tua Vita Mea in Sezze Romano, Italy. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and can be found online at