Sleep Poems

Tao Lin

People Without Eyelids

Personality disorders still work in dreams.
Dreams occur behind emotional events.
Dreams move through closed people
leading them to bizarre strains of cannabis.
Emotional people with long-term disorders
involving four or five other people.
Do people without eyelids dream?
Dreams can be work in some people.

Dream Notes

Sleep disorders revitalized dream research.
The subconscious mind still works in dreams.
Our eyes begin to move behind closed lids.
Three, four, or five REM periods.
Matching recent, emotional events
to experiences in long-term memory.
Narratives we believe are real, no matter
how bizarre, dreams can be harvested
from NREM sleep in some people.
Cannabis only slightly reduces REM.
REM rebounds. REM occurs before birth.
We remember the last dream of the night.
Tao Lin is the author of Leave Society (2021) and other books.