Two Figures in a Vast Expanse

Nate Logan

I am traveling by horse and buggy across the country. There’s a lot of time to think, a lot of time where nothing is happening. Thoughts of Maecenas. It’d be nice to sleep in until X every morning. Full disclosure: I haven’t stopped at every red light. If I’m being honest, my horse, Claude, does most of the work. Nothing seems to bother him. We clop forward. Another confession: he shits on the road and I don’t stop to clean it up—I know, I know. I’ve learned that horses are freer than people, although all they want to talk about is country music. I told the joke about playing a record backwards to get your life in order, but it didn’t land.

Nate Logan is the author of Inside the Golden Days of Missing You (Magic Helicopter Press, 2019). He teaches at Franklin College and Marian University.