Half court shot


I always figured the person who gets to make a half court shot is selected at random. but i’ve also heard otherwise. one source claimed teams sell tickets for the privilege in the parking lot of their home arenas. another person said they were approached by some dude who was picking out faces in the crowd who looked healthy and strong enough to shoot a good basket. a third person said the only way to get the chance is to pray. someone else entirely recommended coming to games within 15 minutes of the stage doors opening. personally, i figure booking great seats helps. it’s the handful of super fans who keep a franchise alive in any economy.

basketball is fun to watch, yet i’ve always been shitty at sports. i have no aim and no sense of how hard to throw any kind of ball. that would probably make me feel like less of a man if i wasn’t over 6 feet tall. a get out of jail free card for guys who aren’t gladiators. i’m pretty sure the basketball players themselves would agree, when a person is tall, they forget they’re tall, and in fact can often feel very short. height reveals itself to be such a superficial thing in most cases. even has downsides. like not being able to fit my knees in airplane seats. but being tall might very well be the reason why i’d be picked to go up to make a half court shot. and if that’s all it took, well wouldn’t that be slightly disappointing.