Back Patio Poems

Josh Sherman

Space Me Like Laika

When I think of what I’m most jealous of
I think of Russian space junk
Satellites shot into the atmosphere
Laika burning up or lost, careening
cosmic software in need of updates
That famous photo of earth taken from
6-billion kilometres away

Indifference like CAA auto insurance
Uselessness like a store dedicated
to fidget spinners at the Dufferin Mall

*title was stolen from a Tinder profile

Michael Crichton

I want to write the Jurassic Park
of Great American Novels
But I’m worried that might actually just be
Jurassic Park

American Thanksgiving

“I’ll see if my bitch-ass family is available,”
says the man with the knuckle tattoos
before exiting the train
with his girlfriend

It was American Thanksgiving
not too long ago

Around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019


I feel like sad corner-store fruit
I’m a little bit expired
I’m a little bit bruised
I wasn’t always like this,
but it’s how I am now

You’ll find me beside the Lays chips
and the gummies
You’ll find me under unflattering light
You’ll find me at unexpected hours
Josh Sherman is a Toronto-based classic narcissist. Find more of his work at

Each of these poems appeared in Back Patio Press at some point in 2020.