Advent Hero

Will Stanier

is the pattern of flowers
        violet, or violent?
outside through early blue light
                 flowers yawn.

                from the crash box
of my chest—​thwump! thwump!
approximate crockery
        spangled arcade,
                wet tongue on floor fuzz,
        and empty into wakefulness
                where I find you’ve
        eaten all the very best dates.

ask about ​Aquaman​, I dunno.
        content sitting here re-gifting
the lyric, like on the ground floor
        of our position there is no dictionary,
                no clever plot line behind
        this drive up the mountain.

mulberry leaves somersault across
        earth blooms like any old vegetable.
Will Stanier is a poet and letterpress printer from Athens, Georgia. He currently lives in Tucson, where he graduated from the University of Arizona's MFA in Creative Writing. He is the author of two chapbooks: Everything Happens Next and The Lost Diaries and Other Poems (Osmanthus Press, 2021). His poems and reviews have appeared in Cleaver Magazine, Interim, The Volta, Pacifica, Heavy Feather Review, and Lazy Susan.