Matt Mitchell


Matt Mitchell is a writer and illustrator from Ohio. His first poetry collection, YOU’RE MY FAVORITE GARÇON, will be released on Valentine’s Day in 2020. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated for Kids and his high school yearbook. His work has also been stolen by NPR. He’d love to talk to you about basketball or 1980s pop music.

author images


“i haven’t seen endgame yet, but i’ve already read what happens at the end” [Memoir Mixtapes]
“Two Etymology Poems” [Soft Cartel]
“a portrait of two men the color of appalachia shooting the shit in an ohio garage” [Mutiny! Magazine]
i want you to feel like this can still be your home [Gordon Square Review]
testosterone [Homology Lit]
a portrait of a hot dog restaurant the day after tyler, the creator dropped his newest album [Ghost City Press]
a portrait of the day phife dawg died [BARNHOUSE]
growing up, west virginia was nothing [Alien Magazine]
ode to football [Drunk Monkeys]
ben gibbard composes a song for diebenkorn’s ocean horizon, oil on canvas, 1959 [Glass: A Journal of Poetry]
appalachian gods don’t believe in me [Barren Magazine]
dinner with a pornstar [The Indianapolis Review]
Two Poems [BEST BUDS! Collective]
Three Poems [Empty Mirror]
“lay me on the table + put flowers in my mouth” [Frontier Poetry]
“stevie nicks pastoral after someone found needles in my backpack & asked if i was using drugs” [petrichor journal]


“Harmonicas Playing the Skeleton Keys” [Mikrokosmos Journal]
“On Mac Miller’s Circles” [DJ Booth]
“On Whitney & Dementia” [Flypaper Lit]
“You Memorize the Way Your Hand Lets Go” [Lunch Ticket]
“Purple Flowers in America” [Pond Magazine]