Meeah Williams

selected writing

The Gift [Entropy]
Abracadabra and The Snow Ballet [The Cafe Irreal]
Three Poems [Musket]
White Dog Mambo [Misery Tourism]
Pornocalypse: Anti-Suicide/Ultra Virulence [Surfaces]
Begin Here [Misfit]
I Climbed the Hill Beneath You [Misery Tourism]
To Deleted [Expat]
Still Life with Sharks Circling [Misery Tourism]
The Temporary Ascent of Me [The Dope Fiend]
My Dream Date with Mr Suicide [Misery Tourism]
Four Paintings [Softcartel]
The Heimlich Maneuver [Gay Flash Fiction]
Three Fictions [Tiny Little Flames]
Pornocalypse: The Solipsistic Cure [Surfaces]
You Are Here –> x [Angry Old Man]
School Shooters Girlfriend [Misery Tourism]
Am I the Only One [Punk Lit]
Three Poems [Silver Pinion]
Something Wrong with my Life [X-R-A-Y]
Selected Poetry [Uut]
5 poems [Hypoactive House]
2 poems [Philosophical Idiot]
• 3 stories [Terror House]
5 poems [Angry Old Man Magazine]
The Things I Think About While Giving Head (short story) [Vagabond City]
poem [Ex-Pat Press]
Glory Hole Apartments (short story) [Ex-Pat Press]
Recipe for a Pornographic Carrot Bread (story) [Soft Cartel]
Bewitchery (flash fiction) [Soft Cartel]
Lucky 14 (flash fiction) [Soft Cartel]
Secret Diary of a Future Sex Crime Victim (poem) [Horror Sleaze Trash]
3 flash fictions [Gone Lawn]
2 poems [Neon Mariposa]
13 Doors of X (free novella)
Geisha in the City of Death (novel)
Epic King G (novel)
Don't Tell (short story) [Anti Heroin Chic]
Hotline (short story) [Anti Heroin Chic]
What We Talked About The Last Time We Talked About Anything (short story) [Barren]