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How This will End

by Babak Lakghomi

1. FIRST UP is Babak. Don't get me started on this guy. Babak's stories are like beautiful oil paintings that have been slowly, meticulously, glazed over with a cloudy matte finish, over and over again, until all you can see is the failing beauty of some former self trying to eke its way out of a cage. Look into this cage with me.


by Rebecca Gransden

2. THIS PIECE IS CALLED "BABY WITH A FLAMETHROWER, CHEWING GUM ON A MOUNTAIN" and I feel like that is MORE THAN ENOUGH TO GET YOU FUCKING STOKED FOR THIS but just in case, Rebecca writes that jagged, slushy surreal conscious-stream stuff that you wish you had enough loose variables in your head awaiting some abstract assignment function to map these ghostly forms to these ghostly zones for you to write something like this, but you don't, so Rebecca will do it for you. Also, this one is sort of like a play? It's like a movie made out of words!

3 Poems

by Homeless

3. OK now listen up, it takes some real red blood to call the sun "fuck-headed" (yeah, the SUN? the big STAR that gives us LIFE? That thing??) so that alone should suffice to get you into the bleak observational comedy of Homeless. In these three poems, Homeless will kick your ass like a crushed Dunkin Donuts cup and invite Death over to fuck up the Facebook invites. I wish I were as smart and creative and fucking poignant as Homeless. Maybe someday. I must continue my tweet quest to see. But for now, meditate with me on these extended, dark metaphors.

About The Man Who Began Flying After Meeting Her

by Dave Eggers

4. Coming up for mambo number four is my friend, and your friend, David Eggers. This is an older piece that was very influential for me back when I started reading seriously. But I'm just so happy that it's still online! Big shout out to the Guardian! What I like about this, specifically in our year of the lords 2019, is that it very clearly demonstrates the restrained wittiness that the big alt-lit names copped pretty hard just a few years after. I mean, look at that, "vaguely" is right in there in sentence 3. Come on!

In the Shower

by Corey Qureshi

5. NUMBER FIVE ARE YOU STILL WITH ME? YOu BETTER BE YO LISTEN UP I found Corey through the Lucky Dip and FUCK AM I GLAD I DID because this story of theirs right here kicks a lot of ass. It's got some real components working together to make something that will lodge itself in your chest like a broken-off piece of a childhood toy, right next to your broken heart. I've taken these kinds of showers before. But don't get me started on the ending. Not to spoil anything but I HAVE COMMITTED TO NEVER SHOWERING AGAIN xoxo

About Mixtapes

These mixtapes are a way for the Neutral Spaces community to read and share each others writing.

The idea is to go through the site and select 5 pieces from 5 authors.

For Neutral Spaces authors, these get collected and you are given a space to write about your mini-collection.

On the page, the curator and the 5 selected authors have their website linked, together with the 5 external links for the chosen work.

If you run a journal, I would love to spotlight your site with 5 pieces, you can use the introduction to let people know what you're trying to do with your site.

If you want to put together a mixtape, e-mail me.

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