5 by People I Know at Least a Little in Real Life

Curated by Dmitry Samarov

The Year in Mysterious West Virginia

by Juliet Escoria

I love the way Escoria makes sense of her new home through a piece of regional pop culture. Feels similar to the way I got to know some of the places I've lived.


by Scott McClanahan

I once had the misfortune to open a reading headlined by McClanahan. Been a fan ever since.

Fuck, Boy!

by Sam Pink

It's so shitty that it took the ridiculous episode Pink describes in his essay for me to really read his work. Better late than never.

21 Signs That You're Not Friends Anymore

by Mallory Smart

I've never been much of a list-maker myself, but this is a good one. If I were to make a list of good things that happened to me this year, making friends with Mallory would definitely make the cut.

I Keep Finding Things I Thought I'd Lost Long Ago

by James Tadd Adcox

I haven't crossed paths with Adcox in years now, but we will always be connected——along with a couple dozen other unlucky writers——because we were published by a failed press run by a crook. This old piece of his made me remember that.

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