Curated by Harris Lahti

Whenever I read a short story I really like, I usually come to two contradictory conclusions: the writer wrote this in a fifteen-minute flurry of brilliance, their pen moving wildly across the page; the author wrote this carefully over the course of two years, building the story like a clock. I can never decide. And I more than like these stories. While the voice in each feels unharnessed, it also feels so perfect and precise. In other words: authentic, wholly unique, and therefore alive. These stories will get up and walk around, if you let them.

Three Stories

by Rebekah Morgan

My Special Creature

by Marston Hefner

Cooked Water

by Nathan Dragon

A Skull Dreams It Is a Horse

by Ashley Mayne


by Sean Williamson

About Mixtapes

These mixtapes are a way for the Neutral Spaces community to read and share each others writing.

The idea is to go through the site and select 5 pieces from 5 authors.

For Neutral Spaces authors, these get collected and you are given a space to write about your mini-collection.

On the page, the curator and the 5 selected authors have their website linked, together with the 5 external links for the chosen work.

If you run a journal, I would love to spotlight your site with 5 pieces, you can use the introduction to let people know what you're trying to do with your site.

If you want to put together a mixtape, e-mail me.