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Always Crashing is a print and online literary magazine dedicated to surfaces and form. We like stories without narrative, stories with some narrative, stories that pretend to have narrative only to pull out the narrative from under you, and poems that remind us of machines in the process of tearing themselves apart. We publish fiction, poetry, collage text, visual collage, video, labyrinths, manifestos, the generically transgressive, and nonfiction (though we prefer not to be told if it’s nonfiction).


by Mike Kleine

We've been fans of Mike's work for a while now, and were thrilled to see this beautiful, shifting text-adventure novel show up in our submissions.

Sollers Document

by Grant Maierhofer

Intense and relentless. A text in all its terrifying thingness.

Argus Panoptes

by Mike Corrao

"Like a Seurat painting, everything that we are shown is a lie," says the narrator of this piece. Who then proceeds to say many other things, all of which may be lies, all of which are presented in quotation, divorced from any verifiable reality.


by Shane Jesse Christmass

Shane Jesse Christmass's work appears in our second print issue, so instead we're linking to a piece by him from Fanzine. You should read Shane Jesse Christmass! You should read Fanzine!

This Night Too Will End

by Spencer Williams

Bonus content! Not a Neutral Spaces author, but we got the okay from NS to include it anyhow. A poem inspired by the Against Me! album Transgender Dysphoria Blues that shakes itself apart beautifully.

About Mixtapes

These mixtapes are a way for the Neutral Spaces community to read and share each others writing.

The idea is to go through the site and select 5 pieces from 5 authors.

For Neutral Spaces authors, these get collected and you are given a space to write about your mini-collection.

On the page, the curator and the 5 selected authors have their website linked, together with the 5 external links for the chosen work.

If you run a journal, I would love to spotlight your site with 5 pieces, you can use the introduction to let people know what you're trying to do with your site.

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