Neutral Space Podcast

The Idea

This project is still a working concept.

The idea is to create a collabrative podcast where people read their work, or work that they love.

When people are happy with their recording, they send it over and a podcast is constructed from those pieces.

The podcasts will be released sporadically, potentially in themes.

The inner content of a submission is totally flexible. If you wanna do an interview with someone or have something more experiemental / performative that'd be rad. I'm a massive fan of spoken work set to music, so if that sounds interesting then I would love to hear that.

If you're reading poetry don't worry about length. Whether it's an epic or a 20 second haiku reading, it's all cool. This is an experiment and I want to work at this together.

Recording Your Voice

I know that not everyone has access to recording equipment, so I'm hoping that as a community we can work together and support each other.

If you have access to a recording space, and are happy to work with other members of Neutral Spaces to create content together, please email me with your location and contact details and I will add you to the list below.

When you have something recorded that you are happy with, please email it to me.




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